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SA Global Advisors (SA) is a new breed global investment banking and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on the technology industry. Managed by industry veterans, SA’s focus is in itself a distinctive advantage. Our sweet spot is working with mid-market ($5m to $100m Revenue) firms in the Technology, Software, IT Services, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Digital Health, Media, FinTech, EduTech, Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Smart Technology space.
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Growth Catalyst Program

The Growth Catalyst Program (GCP) is designed to bring in a disciplined approach for driving growth through acquisitions, investments or partnerships – a catalyst for accelerated growth in mid-market companies. GCP links every deal and its rationale explicitly to the strategy it supports and forges a process that clients can readily adapt to. It provides companies and its executives with global perspectives, cutting edge business insights and high-impact tools so they can position their company for accelerated top line growth. Our unique approach combines core capabilities across Consulting, Research/Insights and Investment Banking.

Capital Raise

Entrepreneurs see value in our ability to be a strong advisor and partner who can help them raise Smart Capital. We take deep interest in understanding the key value drivers, differentiation and disruptive forces shaping our client businesses, which helps us in effectively position the company to global investors. SA has established credible and trustworthy network of global technology investors including venture capital, private equity, angel, family office and strategic investors. Our growing relationship with them ensures we understand their mindset, selection criteria and vision.

M&A Advisory

M&A is a corporate capability deployed to support a strategy, be it for synergy, growth or increasing power. Any M&A must have a strong strategic and cultural fit. SA, being a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, is quite sensitive to this. Our proprietary “Smart-Fit” analytics engine and our capability to judge key variables, generates a highly curated list of possibilities. This process greatly simplifies and makes the M&A journey more effective for all stakeholders. Our clients see value in our focus, simplified approach and ability to bring together trusted long standing relationships.

Strategic Consulting

The SA Team consists of industry veterans with decades of C-level operating experience including founding and running successful technology companies, raising significant capital from VC and PE investors and driving successful exits. Our deep experience with technology businesses, insight on strategic issues and a clear understanding of the investors’ mindset is fundamental to how we deliver our Strategic Advisory services engagements. Our clients value our perspective and independent advice as we work with them to find the best solutions for key strategic issues ranging from market positioning, growth strategy, business plan, Assessment of Strategic Alternatives, Investment Readiness Assessment, etc.

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How can SA's Growth Catalyst Program help clients drive a disciplined M&A process to evaluate 'strategic fit' and achieve successful deal outcomes?

What else do we provide?

Investment Readiness

Specific services that makes a venture, investment ready. This includes articulation of market positioning, growth plans, business plan, teaser creation, Information Memorandum, term sheet review, negotiation support among others.

Operational Improvement

In few exceptional cases, SA provides its experience as expertise for firms that need to pivot, turn-around, integrate, merge, capitalize, grow and divest.

Strategic Advisory

These are specific strategic consulting engagements for a range of stated objectives, for example, building and executing M&A strategy, developing a new Analytics product, pivot/reconstruct the existing Business Plan, Product positioning, expansion to new geographies, sales enablement, venture acceleration etc.

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Selected Transactions

Our Leadership Team

Pravin Advani

Pravin Advani

Managing Partner

IT/Technology Services/PES, FinTech/Payments/ Digital Platforms, IoT/AI/ML/Cloud/ Security

Deepak Mehrotra

Deepak Mehrotra

Managing Partner

Big Data Analytics, IoT/AI/ML/Cloud/ Security

Anil Modi

Anil Modi

Managing Partner

IT/Technology Services/PES, Big Data Analytics

Alok Aggarwal

Alok Aggarwal

Board Advisor, Sector Expert

Big Data Analytics, FinTech/Payments/ Digital Platforms, IoT/AI/ML/Cloud/ Security

Shilpak Mahadkar

Shilpak Mahadkar

Board Advisor, Sector Expert

FinTech/Payments/Digital Platforms


SaGa presented a set of compelling partnership attributes that were the key reason for an exclusive engagement with them. Their attitude of help, high level of integrity and deep subject matter expertise is extremely valuable. A strong trust has emerged, compelling us to consider them more as an inside team member than as an external advisor.

Soon to launch FinTech Firm CEO

SaGa impressed me with their focus, diligence and hunger for success. Partner-led engagements are essential to articulate correct business fit for both investor and entrepreneur. Being boutique they are agile, responsive and creative.

A People Analytics Firm with more than 100,000 users on their platform Founder and CEO

As a technology-focused PE investor, we work with investment banks routinely and recognize that deep knowledge of the sector and relationships with large strategic acquirers are key attributes which can bring new levels of efficiency to the technology investment process. We believe SA Global Advisors has the right mix to be an ideal partner to founders and investors of Indian technology companies who seek better access to global PE and VC investors for capital or exits.

A Global Private Equity Fund Managing Director

One of our key M&A priorities was to drive inorganic expansion to grow our presence in the SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) segment and increase our US business footprint. SA was able to comb through the logical targets across the industry, identify the right target and work collaboratively with us to put together a creative financial deal structure which maximized value for us. Their knowledge of the sector and network of relationships makes them an ideal partner for companies across the IT Services, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud space looking for an effective technology investment advisor and partner.

A Mid-Market IT Services and Solutions Integration Company CFO