Growth Catalyst Program

Growth Catalyst Program

They say second place is the first loser, an adage fitting for business today. In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape and game-changing innovation, as businesses need to step-up their game and the race for faster growth and market dominance intensifies, agility, scale and technology-led differentiation are keys to building competitive advantage. Agility without a strategy and disciplined approach to executing acquisitions, minority investments or strong product/go-to-market partnerships could lead to months or years of precious top management time lost on either the wrong pursuits or missed opportunities. Without a well-defined approach, the value of aggregate cost and time to make strategic partnerships and acquisitions work could well end up being greater than the value expected from the deal.

The Growth Catalyst Program (GCP) is designed to bring in a disciplined approach for driving growth through acquisitions, investments or partnerships - a catalyst for accelerated growth in mid-market companies. GCP links every deal and its rationale explicitly to the strategy it supports and forges a process that clients can readily adapt to. It provides companies and its executives with global perspectives, cutting edge business insights and high-impact tools so they can position their company for accelerated top line growth.

Our unique approach combines core capabilities across Consulting, Research/Insights and Investment Banking to help companies disrupt, increase speed to market, outflank competitors, and relieve pressure from threatening disruptive market forces while accelerating inorganic growth.

GCP has been especially designed to enable mid-sized companies to achieve three key objectives with or without making an investment in an in-house Corporate Development or M&A team:

  • Build an effective In-organic Growth Strategy based on Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships (JV, IP/Technology Alliances, Channels, etc.) to fuel growth
  • Establish a streamlined process for identification, cultivation and evaluation of ‘Target Companies’ based on specific M&A Criteria
  • Execute on the qualified M&A and Strategic Partnership transactions to drive specific growth objectives with fundamentally different requirements of different types of deals.

Speed is a key driver as GCP is designed to build high quality proprietary deal-flow with very specific targets that align with client’s M&A strategy. Additionally, given our deep focus in the sectors we operate in and wide network within the specific target areas, based on the client mandate, we pretty much run the entire process seamlessly on behalf of our clients.