Data Analytics/Cloud/Security

Data Analytics / Cloud / Security

As global adoption of Cloud – enabled by both public and private cloud deployments has accelerated over the past decade, significant improvement in technology maturity, performance and trust have led enterprises large or small to move enormous amounts of data to the Cloud. With explosion in the volume of Data and the race for Analytics applications which can be run in the Cloud, customers are pushing the limits on the range of Analytics applications which are now run entirely in the Cloud.

With the acceleration of this trend combined with the recent Data Security breach incidents globally, predictable security at all levels across the Cloud and Enterprise environments is now a key imperative. The rate of innovation and sheer speed of ecosystem development across Data Analytics, Cloud and Security is creating new opportunities for some and new challenges for others. Many of these players have relied on us to build and execute a range of strategic growth plans ranging from minority investments, strategic equity partnerships or M&A/Buy outs to gain access to Technology, Customer base, drive geographic revenue diversification or other strategic objectives.

SA continues to work with a range of companies across the Data Analytics, Cloud and Security segments including:

Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics Solution & Service Providers
  • Data Analytics Platforms(Horizontal and Vertical platforms)
  • Business Intelligence/Business Analysis Platforms and Tools
  • Data Acquisition, Warehousing, Integration and Mining
  • BI/Data Visualization/Analytics
  • Scale-out Databases and Hadoop
  • Predictive Analytics and Automation


  • Cloud Infrastructure Providers/IaaS
  • Cloud Brokers, Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Storage, Infrastructure Technology Services
  • Cloud Systems Integration and Services companies


  • Cloud Security/Mobile Security Solutions and Services
  • IOT, IIOT Security
  • Threat Intelligence and Protection
  • Network and End Point Security
  • Behavioral Detection
  • Web Security/ Cyber security