Emerging Technologies: IoT/AI/ML

Emerging Technologies: IoT / AI / ML

The magnitude of Technology-driven disruption we have seen through the first half of this decade is unprecedented. Our teams continue to constantly assess a variety of emerging technologies, potential impact to our clients businesses, and change in growth, investment and acquisition strategy.

Our sector focused team partners with growth companies and start-ups across the IoT, AI, ML and Digital spectrum to ensure these emerging technology businesses meet the accelerated growth expectations of their stakeholders and investors. For clients within these emerging technology areas, we work closely to build and execute a range of targeted growth strategies including ecosystem partnerships, capital raise/investment, acquisition financing, M&A and Strategic Exit transactions. As some of our large clients see the pie of traditional IT Services, Consulting, Application Development & Maintenance and Engineering Services shrinking, they are accelerating investment in Emerging Technology businesses to development strong capabilities in the IoT, AI, ML and Digital space.

Our sector focused team brings unparalleled depth and transaction capabilities to clients across the Emerging Technology landscape including:

AI & ML Ecosystem

  • Machine Learning Applications and Software solutions
  • Virtual Personal Assistants
  • Speech to Speech Translation
  • Recommendation Engine
  • NLP-Speech Recognition solutions
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Computer vision App
  • Context-aware and Gesture Control Software and Applications
  • Vertical-specific AI Solutions combining BI, Sales and CRM
  • AI based e-commerce applications and software

IoT Ecosystem

  • Vertical Specific IoT Applications and Services(Automotive, SCM, Smart Cities, Retail, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance)
  • Consumer IoT Devices and Solutions – Smart Home, Wearables, Fitness Trackers, Lifestyle, Health monitoring, etc.
  • Industrial IoT( Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management(SCM), Farming/Agro Processing)
  • Horizontal IoT Services (Design and Engineering Services, Integration/Implementation Services, Testing Services, Consulting Services, Managed Services, etc.)
  • Horizontal IoT Applications( Analytics and Data Collection, Connected Device Management and Monitoring)
  • IoT Platform and Software Solutions(Full stack IoT Platforms, Data Aggregation, Reporting and Analytics, Application Development, etc.)
  • IoT Networking, Communication and Security(Sensor/Device, Gateway, Network, Platform security)
  • IoT Devices, Sensor Technologies, Embedded Software and Processing solutions