Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting Services are uniquely positioned to benefit start-ups(typically Series A stage) and mid-market companies($5M to $200M). We recognize our clients face a range of strategic issues at various stages of company growth. Our portfolio is designed to address the unique requirements of Technology clients based on the specific growth stage of the business, key stakeholder objectives and set of strategic issues that need focus.

Creating value for PE or Late Stage VC backed portfolio companies

Our experience with technology industry cycles tells us that starting with the year 2018 and a few quarters into the future, VC and PE investors are likely to make new investments at a measured pace, while increasing their commitment and focus on supporting existing portfolio companies to navigate the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem. The team at SA has a long track record of driving value for PE or VC backed companies, long-standing, trusted industry relationships across large technology acquirers, investors and entrepreneurs which drives unique value in all our Strategic Advisory Services engagements.

Our engagements maybe entrepreneur-led or investor-led as the specific situation demands, however, the common objective remains maximizing value for all stakeholders. Typical engagements revolve around the following strategic issues portfolio companies face:

  • Operational Performance Improvement
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution
  • Sales Performance Acceleration
  • Strategic Transformation/Business Re-structuring
  • Assessment of Strategic Alternatives to drive Shareholder Value

Partnering and Advising high growth startups

At this stage, most clients we engage with tend to be typically, Series A stage companies, valuations exceed $5M EV(Enterprise Value) and the core technology product/solution is already validated with growing customers and revenues.

SA recognizes this is perhaps the most important stage of growth for every successful start-up – one which requires entrepreneurs to raise follow-on capital from financial(VC) or strategic investors to drive scalability and profitable growth in a manner which makes the company increasingly attractive to investors. Predictability of growth, business model, market share growth, revenue and customer metrics drive investors agenda and in turn valuation of companies at this stage. SA has built a specialized portfolio of Venture Advisory Services to address your unique needs and aspirations for growth.

Venture Advisory Services

  • Business Plan Refinement/Pivot/Development
  • SWOT Analysis/Competitive Assessment/Differentiation
  • Investment Readiness/Preparation for Capital Raise
  • IM(Information Memorandum) Preparation
  • Business Plan Execution/Implementation
  • Building a strong Board of Directors/Advisory Boards