SA Global Advisors (SA) is a new breed global investment banking and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on the technology industry. Managed by industry veterans, SA’s focus is in itself a distinctive advantage. Our sweet spot is working with mid-market ($5m to $100m Revenue) firms in the Technology, Software, IT Services, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Digital Health, Media, FinTech, EduTech, Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Smart Technology space.

Our Ethos

SA Global Advisors' character is known for its integrity, trust and ingenuity.  Our beliefs stem from the very fundamentals of value accretive engagements. To that effect, our culture brings about excellence in all that we do.

Our mission is to combine the skills and experiences of our entrepreneur-oriented team to provide best-in-class professional and data-driven financial and strategic solutions. We are your friends. Contrary to belief that one has to loose for other to gain, our belief is in identifying win-win possibilities in any deal. To identify and articulate those, it takes an independent third-party view to craft a picture of post transaction scenarios where both parties achieve their goals. Our win is when all involved in a transaction win.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe we have fiduciary obligation of ethical conduct premised on fundamental principals of openness, integrity, honesty and trust. Our code of ethics is a commitment to compliance with law, placing the highest attention to our clients' interest, to protect access to proprietary information and material non-public information, zero tolerance for insider trading, sharing information on need to know basis and transparency in reporting.

Why Choose Us?

SA is one of the very few cross-border investment banking and advisory firms focused exclusively on the technology industry. Your engagement will be partner led, all of whom have entrepreneurial backgrounds and years of experience in their field. Our teams of analysts are quick and thorough, their tools and ability remain one of the best in the industry. Our Associates are the backbone, creating an offering that is as complete and as competitive as it can be. In addition to “we” as differentiator, we have built some proprietary tools like our analytics based “Smart-Fit” app that tells us propensity of success, our “CRM” tool that ensures all engagements are delivered with the intensity and focus they deserve and “CDM” (Cloud-based Document Management) that ensures safety and compliance of highest standard.

While the team and tools are certainly key differentiators, most important one is our global industry network. We constantly review technology firms in need of capital raise and those who wish to invest. Being focused only on the technology sector has allowed us to go deep into understanding their true categorization, mindset and philosophies. We continuously increase this circle of friends, amongst these lies the great fit where one plus one equals eleven.